23/6//2018 - GOLD RATE FOR 24K IS 31900/- and 22K IS 30600/-


MRP Rs. 350.00/-(202)

MRP Rs. 360.00/-(22)

MRP Rs. 380.00/-(206)

MRP Rs. 500.00/-(39)

MRP Rs. 530.00/-(31)

MRP Rs. 550.00/-(30)

MRP Rs. 610.00/-(97)

MRP Rs. 670.00/-(103)

MRP Rs. 700.00/-(90)

MRP Rs. 700.00/-(219)

MRP Rs. 720.00/-(42)

MRP Rs. 720.00/-(54)

MRP Rs. 740.00/-(113)

MRP Rs. 740.00/-(17)

MRP Rs. 750.00/-(211)

MRP Rs. 780.00/-(106)

MRP Rs. 800.00/-(229)

MRP Rs. 820.00/-(64)

MRP Rs. 820.00/-(156)

MRP Rs. 830.00/-(209)

MRP Rs. 830.00/-(301)

MRP Rs. 840.00/-(210)

MRP Rs. 850.00/-(188)

MRP Rs. 850.00/-(105)

MRP Rs. 860.00/-(189)

MRP Rs. 860.00/-(208)

MRP Rs. 880.00/-(207)

MRP Rs. 890.00/-(65)

MRP Rs. 890.00/-(112)

MRP Rs. 920.00/-(205)

MRP Rs. 930.00/-(186)

MRP Rs. 930.00/-(59)

MRP Rs. 950.00/-(203)

MRP Rs. 970.00/-(185)

MRP Rs. 980.00/-(230)

MRP Rs. 980.00/-(143)

MRP Rs. 990.00/-(107)

MRP Rs. 1000.00/-(159)

MRP Rs. 1000.00/-(187)

MRP Rs. 1010.00/-(108)

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